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          protocol 80 is a B2B Inbound Marketing & Sales agency. We'll help you reach today's modern buyer
          and generate quality leads that close.

          Let's turn your website into a 24/7 funnel-filling machine, while turning your company into an industry thought leader atop the Google search results!

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          With inbound marketing, numbers don't lie! Here's some proof...

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          As an industrial manufacturer, you know all about processes and workflows. Inbound marketing is a data-driven approach to marketing that produces a clear ROI versus other marketing channels.

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          It's no secret that we all buy differently today than we did 5-10 years ago. Regardless of your industry or position, you do research before you buy, and so do your prospects. 

          An influx of millennials means this shift is here to stay. Inbound sales addresses this.

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          "We are extremely pleased to note our complete satisfaction with the team at protocol 80. p80 started on an accelerated inbound marketing program for our company.

          We have experienced exponential growth in leads and new customers from the internet. The cost associated with the inbound marketing program compared to the return we’ve seen in only 6 months is insignificant.”.

          Arnie McHone, President, McHone Industries
          Arnie McHone, President
          McHone Industries

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          We'd love to deliver these results to your business! 


          Donny Kemick

          President & CEO - Founder

          Donny's primary role is strategic oversight and management. His favorite part of the job is seeing clients grow as a result of our efforts.


          Josh Curcio

          COO - Partner

          Josh's primary role is sales and business development. If you want to discuss inbound marketing for your business, He's your guy.

          Helping Manufacturers Exceed Sales Goals

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